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Blowdry Taxi founder Sona Sut

and how her in-demand company helps DC go glam!  Check out the article  below:

Sona Sut had worked for eight years at the front desk of her husband’s Georgetown salon, when during one rare moment of peace, she looked around the room at all the women getting blowouts. She thought to herself, “I work at a salon and I don’t have time to do my hair!”

To help other women juggling their careers, families, and need to be presentable, Sut launchedBlowdry Taxi in June 2014, with the accompanying app out the following fall. The “taxi” part of the name refers to the team of stylists that will meet women wherever they are in the DMV—an accessible power outlet being the only stipulation.

“We are designed for the professional woman who wants to squeeze in that morning jog before heading to the office and needs a good blowout that will last all day,” says Sut. “A lot of our clients are busy reporters and policy officials who appear on morning television.”

Many clients also book the stylists to meet them at home after work, making sure that they’re appropriately done up for their evening networking events and galas around town—whether that means getting a full face of makeup, a blowout, or a glam updo. Since many Washington women are constantly making the transition from home to work to evenings out, Shop Around got in touch with Sut to get her best tips on getting ready on the run.

1. Keep heels on hand. “Investing in a great pair of comfortable heels is a simple way to liven up any look for an evening,” says Sut. Can’t handle wearing heels all day? Pack them, or leave a spare pair in your office for nights out.

2. Don’t start from scratch on your makeup. “Instead of redoing all your makeup, just add mascara, some fresh powder, and gloss,” says Sut. Keep these three items in your bag, rather than your whole makeup kit, to cut down on how much you’re lugging around town.

3. Blowouts aren’t the only option. “If you didn’t use Blowdry Taxi to get your hair event-ready, slick back your hair with a little water and wear a sleek ponytail,” says Sut. If Katy Perry can rock it on the red carpet, it can work for your rooftop cocktails.

4. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Want to distract from the dark circles under your eyes or the fact that you’ve only washed your hair once this week? Do it with something sparkly. “There are great, reasonably-priced statement pieces almost everywhere these days,” says Sut.

5. Fake it ‘til you make it. “Put a smile on and have some fun,” says Sut. “Even if it’s a stuffy work obligation, enjoy yourself—that always looks great.”

Mother’s Day Hair&Makeup

Pamper your Mother and  Book your appointments for beautiful Hair and Makeup on Demand by our professional Hairstylists and Makeup Artists.

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Hair Trends 2015

Hair Trends 2015 – Long Messy hair is definitely back. Slick long Ponytails are a must this season

Here is something to get inspired and book you Blowdry Taxi appointments


App Blows Out ; On-Demand Economy Continues Blowing Up

Short & Beachy - $ 60

We deal in blowouts all the time, but not the kind involving beautification of quaffs – we leave hairstyling to the pros, like on-demand app newcomer VELUXE and the just launched Blowdry Taxi.

The latter is the latest DC-area startup to jump into the personal, on-demand beautification business. According the DCInno, “Blowdry Taxi has about a dozen, mostly full-time stylists on-call for appointments between 6:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. whether booked weeks in advance or within less than an hour of ordering a blowout or any of a rapidly expanding range of hair and other style services.”

Founder Sona Sut (@Sonauzb) describes it as a “blowout bar that comes to you.”So welcome to the on-demand party, Blowdry Taxi (@BlowdryTaxi), and keep in mind that if you have the other kind of blowout Urgent.ly is standing ready – in DC and across the country.

Expanding Blowdry Taxi Area

Blowdry Taxi is now serving Falls Church, Great Falls, some parts of Fairfax and more areas in Maryland. Please ask whether your zip code is in Blowdry Taxi area and book your appointments now  !!

More availability for clients !

We have added more stylists due to a high demand. Please book your appointments for the desired dates now

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